who we are

About Us

Danfe is a social enterprise Nepali brand where each thread weaves a tale of resilience, empowerment, and a slow, international journey toward a brighter future. In a world where haste often overshadows substance, the notion – It is not necessary to walk fast to move forward” echoes throughout the brand.

We weave a narrative of social impact, ethical production, and mindful fashion. Here, we transcend conventional boundaries, embracing the ethos of a social enterprise committed to creating high-quality products with purpose.

As a social enterprise, we focus on more than just fashion; embracing the rhythm of purposeful progress. We prioritize substance over haste, offering on the job training and employment to uplift marginalized communities.

Our vision is simple, utilizing local raw materials and indigenous skills of artisans from Nepal’s rural heartlands to craft designer “Made in Nepal” clothing.

Drawing inspiration from Nepal’s landscapes, we cherish each piece of fabric, sparking a revolution where the longevity of a garment is a key – a piece to repair, cherish and infuse with meaning.

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Our Focus

From day one, we have been committed to ethical elegance and impactful style. Rooted in Nepali social enterprise, our focus is on meticulous craftsmanship using high-quality products- ethically sourced materials and sustainable practices.

Our dedication extends beyond fashion – we champion fair wages, empowering mostly women with income-generating skills to sustain their lifestyle and achieve economic independence.

Further, we prioritize proper waste management including upcycling and recycling of fabric waste generated at our production facilities. Danfe isn’t just a brand, it’s a progressive social business. Every purchase goes
beyond profit, contributing to meaningful social impact.

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What We Do

We have two Portfolios mainly; our label “Danfe” and “Danfe Merchandise”. We work primarily on two divisions with our label “Danfe”.

RETAIL: We curate clothing and accessories with a local touch. Our pieces are thoughtfully crafted for the community, embodying a blend of style and conscientious creation.

B2B Collaboration: We closely collaborate with businesses offering end-to-end services – from initial design ideas to the sourcing and manufacturing of diverse apparel and accessories. Our focus is on guiding brands with a holistic approach, ensuring ethical values shine through every step.

who we work with

Our Social Impact Partner

In the heart of our commitment to ethical & impactful style lies a transformative collaboration with SAATH; our sustainability partner.

By offering skills and employment opportunities to individuals trained through SAATH’s livelihood projects, we extend beyond fashion, fostering empowerment.

Almost 50% of our production center team undergoes SAATH’s skill training – a testament to our shared vision. Together, we’re stitching a narrative that not only supports SAATH’s livelihood programs today but envisions a sustainable tomorrow.